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  • Amusement Trains - The Story of Freddy and Flash

  • My daughter Lulu (1st grade) read the book. She loved it!! She wasn't sure when things got sad, but she kept reading, hoping things would get better for Flash. When she finished the book, I asked her if she liked it. She said "No." ... "I LOVED IT!! - Kate Pettit, from Rhinoceros Toy Store, Jenkintown, PA"
  • I have the book and have read it cover to cover. It's a wonderful tribute to Susan's grandmother - what an amazing and lovely story. And the train story itself is sweet and beautifully written and illustrated. Your drawings are just marvelous. Congratulations one more time! - Ann G., Philadelphia, PA
  • Good story, colorful and expressive illustrations. This is a very sweet story that any child will enjoy. The illustrations really bring the text to life. The story is fun to read and also carries a message to young children that there is a job for everybody and that there are different ways to be useful no matter who you are or what your circumstances may be. It is an easy reader for older children to read to younger children and even adults can enjoy the heartfelt story of the little trains. - Roberta J., Wyndmoor, PA
  • Delightful story, full of emotion and energy, bursting with color. What a delightful book! I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren. The story reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books, "The Little Engine that Could." Freddy and Flash are two trains in an amusement park, and they behave like people in their happy and sad moments. Kids will really relate to their adventures and the teamwork involved in solving the dilemma of an aging car. The illustrations are full of energy and color and will appeal to pre-school and elementary school children. And the back story of how Susan Johnson found the text, written by her grandmother and hidden for many years, and how she wanted to honor her grandmother by publishing the book is very heartwarming. A terrific holiday or birthday gift! - Hannah K., Jenkintown, PA
  • The race to the top. Freddy and Flash is a charming childrens' book. My three year old loves hearing the story and my seven year old is so proud he can read it all by himself! I really enjoyed learning about how the author discovered her grandmother's manuscript that had been tucked away for so many years. The story is well illustrated with whimsical brightly colored drawings that really bring this heartfelt tale to life. I highly recommend this book for any preschool or elementary aged child. What a fun ride on the trains! - Miranda P., Philadelphia, PA
  • "A story that will appeal to all ages! The first thing that attracted me to this book was the colorful cover and artwork. Then to my delight, the actual story was charming, well-written, and fun to read. It is a book with three stories to tell. The first is a brief tale of how this book was written during the Great Depression by the author and subsequently discovered years later by the author's granddaughter. This is followed up by a more in depth introduction about the author which gives readers an inside picture of a young woman growing up in the early and mid 1900s and her love of train travel. The actual story of Freddy and Flash will delight children with the story of the two amusement trains named Flash and Freddy. I was certainly charmed by this entire book and highly recommend it for children and adults of all ages." -- Book Lover, ( Reviewer)

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“Amusement Trains,” the Story of Freddy and Flash, is made its world debut November 2011.
Originating from a manuscript that was hidden for over half a century, the children’s story based upon an amusement park train and its roller coaster car brother can now be enjoyed by children everywhere.